Carmen Lucia
EMA Awards & Canada Day Highlights

July 4, 2018

What a month it has been! Here are a few highlights of the summer so far...

EDMONTON MUSIC AWARDS (Photos by Mojo Photo): This was my first experience at the Edmonton Music Awards, so to be honest I was a little anxious and not sure what to expect, but the amount of love & support for each other in the room truly made it an absolutely unforgettable experience! CONGRATS to all of the other nominees and to all of the winners!! I am so incredibly proud & humbled by all of you wonderful, ridiculously talented people. Big thank you to my family, boyfriend, students & friends & who came out to support!! You guys are the bessstt and I love you so  much! Highlight: BARDIC FORM. Blew my mind. As. Usual. 🤯💕



CANADA DAY SHOW - CLAYTON BELLAMY & THE CONGREGATION (Photography by Travis Nesbitt): What a show!! For those of you who haven't heard of this new band yet... Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation is a heavy mixture of some serious Soul, Rock & Blues. Clayton is such a dynamic & entertaining performer and the level of talent in this band is just stacked. SO much fun, and such an honour to be able to perform with such talented & skilled musicians!!💃🏽 💃🏽  Highlight: ALL OF IT.



WOW, THE FIREWORKS!! Best one to date Bonnyville! (and toootttally made up for last years...erm....situation haha). Highlight: The kid in front of me...pretending he was being shot and dramatically throwing himself to the ground every time fireworks went off... The fireworks lasted 25-30 mins. He never stopped. Serious dedication there.

Until next time...

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